Chatting with Jeffe Kennedy

Today, I have the honor of hosting Jeffe Kennedy and her book, ROGUE’S PAWN, which releases today!

This is no fairy tale…

Haunted by nightmares of a black dog, sick to death of my mind-numbing career and heart-numbing fiancé, I impulsively walked out of my life—and fell into Faerie. Terrified, fascinated, I discover I possess a power I can’t control: my wishes come true. After an all-too-real attack by the animal from my dreams, I wake to find myself the captive of the seductive and ruthless fae lord Rogue. In return for my rescue, he demands an extravagant price—my firstborn child, which he intends to sire himself…

With no hope of escaping this world, I must learn to harness my magic and build a new life despite the perils—including my own inexplicable and debilitating desire for Rogue. I swear I will never submit to his demands, no matter what erotic torment he subjects me to…


Q: Welcome Jeffe Kennedy.  Why don’t you tell us a little bit about ROGUE’S PAWN?

Jeffe: The story is about a neuroscientist who falls through a metaphysical gate at Devils Tower and accidentally winds up in Faerie. Suddenly, everything she wishes comes true and she become deeply tangled with Rogue – who manipulates her into agreeing to give him her first-born child, which he will sire.

Q: When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Jeffe: Not until I was in my mid-twenties, when I discovered that the career I was getting a PhD for wasn’t making me happy.

Q: Are you a plotter or a pantster?

Jeffe: I’m a pantser – though I prefer the term “mister.”

Q: What are you working on now?

Jeffe: The sequel to Rogue’s Pawn! I’m about halfway through it.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers?

Jeffe: My best advice is the one thing most people don’t want to hear: write every day. Even if it’s only for a short space of time, it’s truly the best thing you can do. Build that habit. Do it every single day, no matter what.

Q: What book or series can you read over and over again without getting bored?

Jeffe: I’m not sure there is one. I’ve reread a lot of Anne McCaffrey and JD Robb’s In Death books. I went back and reread the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, which were interesting to read from an adult perspective. Mostly I feel like there’s so much stuff I haven’t read, that I don’t want to burn time reading something I already have!

Q: If you decided not to be a writer, what would your other dream job be?

Jeffe: Exotic animal vet!

Q: What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done in your life?

Jeffe: When I was in college, I took a bus to visit my boyfriend in Chicago. I arrived at 2am at the downtown bus station and he was late meeting me. The vultures were really circling – looking back, it was a stupid thing to do!

Q: Who is the one person that has singlehandedly inspired you the most in your life?

Jeffe: If I have to pick one person, I’d say my husband. He’s always supported me and helped me to see I can have anything I want.

Q: If you could take a trip to any foreign country RIGHT NOW, which one would you choose? Why?

Jeffe: The Maldives. The water looks so beautiful and perfect. I love to snorkel. And I want to see the islands before they’re under water.

Q: What is one talent that you’re hopeless at, but you wish you had?

Jeffe: Music. I simply am miserable at playing a musical instrument. I envy that ability so much.

Q: What TV show are you most addicted to?

Jeffe: I don’t watch TV, so I manage to escape that time sink. I look forward to getting the next season of Castle on Netflix, however…

Q: If you were stuck on a deserted island, name three objects and three people you would want with you.

Jeffe: A knife, a big bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a flare gun, along with my husband, Queen Elizabeth and President Obama. The latter two because everyone in the world would be looking for us!

Q: What is one trait or physical characteristic that you are proud of/love about yourself?

Jeffe: I have a lot of confidence and I’ve discovered that many people don’t have that – so I’m grateful for it.



About the Author:
Jeffe Kennedy took the crooked road to writing, stopping off at neurobiology, religious studies and environmental consulting before her creative writing began appearing in places like Redbook, Puerto del Sol, Wyoming Wildlife, Under the Sun and Aeon. An erotic novella, Petals and Thorns, came out under her pen name of Jennifer Paris in 2010, heralding yet another branch of her path, into erotica and romantic fantasy fiction. Since then, an erotic short, Feeding the Vampire, and another erotic novella, Sapphire, have hit the shelves.
Her contemporary fantasy novel, Rogue’s Pawn, book one in A Covenant of Thorns, will be published in July, 2012. Jeffe lives in Santa Fe, with two Maine coon cats, a border collie, plentiful free-range lizards and frequently serves as a guinea pig for an acupuncturist-in-training. Find her on Facebook ( and Twitter (@jeffekennedy) or visit her at her website



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