Can You Hit A Perfect Pitch? Contest!

Can you hit a perfect pitch for your Young Adult or Middle Grade manuscripts to agent Ammi-Joan Paquette of the Erin Murphy Literary Agency?

Brenda Drake is hosting this amazing contest!

Rules: On January 15th post a two sentence pitch (no more than 35 words) along with the first 150 words (if it falls in the middle of a sentence, go to the end of that sentence) of your finished Young Adult or Middle Grade manuscript to your blogs. From January 15th-16thhop around each others’ blogs and critique or praise them. Revise your entries, if you want, and post them by 8:00am (EST) January 17th to the official entry post.


Here is mine:

DESTINY GIFT – Older YA paranormal romance with a post-apocalyptic feel – 80,300 words


Pitch: In a world of chaos, Nadine has visions she doesn’t understand—she believes she might be hallucinating. Until she meets the guy who haunts her visions and everything starts to change … even the world.


First 150 words: 

If telepathy, soul-seeing, or palm-reading existed, Dr. Brown was using her powers and performing one of those, if not all, on me.

Behind her cat like glasses, her eyes were uncanny and cold. She was analyzing me. My posture, my body gesture, my eyes.

I averted my gaze from hers and sat on top of my hands, hoping they would stop shaking.

“Nadine Sterling,” she began, her tone almost caring. “What brings you to me today?”

The insanity of mind, I could say. Or that my regular psychologist was busy, and since I had to follow the school’s policy and have my weekly section today, I had no choice but to meet with her. Besides, there were no rules specifying I should open up to her, so I didn’t say anything.

“Nadine?” Her tone became more pressing.

I glanced back at her. Her knuckles were white around her pen, her foot swung rapidly from her crossed legs, her hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail and it gave me the impression she would freak if any strand fell loose. I didn’t like her. I didn’t feel at ease with her.


This is Nadine ;)


What did you think? Any suggestions?

To check the other contestants and comment on their entries, you can hop on Brenda’s blog post here.


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