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Reading: January

I don’t review books, but if you’re wondering if I liked or loved the books I read, you can check my GoodReads profile.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


Divergent by Veronica Roth


Across the Universe by Beth Revis


Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols


Revision and Self-Editing by James Scott Bell 


Have you read these? Did you like them?

Happy Readings,

Links about Writing

Following my friend Jani Grey idea, I’m launching a series of links posts about Writing, Publishing, Querying, Reading, Workshops, Contests, Agents, Conferences,  etc.

I decided to do this because I had thousands of web pages bookmarked, then I had to format my laptop … I forgot to save them and lost them all. So, having posts on links, I’ll never lose them ;)


Today, it’s about WRITING — novel writing, query writing, pitch writing, etc.


10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Dialogue – writetodone

Caution: Contains Strong Language – QueryTracker

Writing Killer Loglines – Query Tracker

The Best of Daily Writing Tips in 2011 – Daily Writing Tips

My Best Advice for Writers From 2011 – Jane Friedman

What Does Your Body Language Says About You? – Jinxi Boo

Eight Questions for Writers – The Blood-Red Pencil

To “Was” or Not To “Was” – The Blood-Red Pencil

A Writer’s Pre-Flight Checklist – Adventures in YA & Children’s Publishing

5 Narrative Mistakes You Can Fix Now – Roni Loren

What Will Make An Agent Gong Your Query – Roni Loren

How Do I Write A SteamPunk Story

Height and Weight Chart

Height Converter

Blank Sheet Form – Story Fix

World Builder (pdf)

Tools for Character Development

Word Count Dracula – Literaticat

How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day – Rachel Aaron

5 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Writing Right Now 

Body Language: An Artistic Writing Tool

How To Make the Most of A Scene by Jami Gold

How to Write a Pitch – Jami Gold

Rule of Three – Janice Hardy

How to Craft a Great Voice – Nathan Bransford

For YA books word Count  

GMC Wizard 

100 Characters Quirks

From Rough to Final: A Dissection of Revision – Maggie Stiefvater

Ten authors’ Dissection of Revision – Maggie Stiefvater

5 Things To Do In Your First 3 Paragraphs

Query Letter Template – BubbleCow

How to Make Your Book Play Out Like a Movie – Jody Hedlund

How to Find Original Ideas – Jody Hedlund

Put Your Reader in Your POV Characters’ Skin by Margie Lawson – Jenny Hansen

Connecting Your Opposite (Turning Points) – Lydia Sharp

Whats Your Midpoint – Lydia Sharp

Word Counts and Novel Length

List Love – Writer Unboxed

Paranormal Romance vs. Urban Fantasy – Susannah Sandlin


I’ll keep updating this list as I find more articles.


ROW80 Checkin 01/25

Hey guys! How are you all?

First, let me explain why I’m posting this today, instead of Sundays, which is the day I usually post check-ins. Because I’ll be out of town from today (Thursday) to Sunday, and, since there was a check-in for ROW80 yesterday and I’m not gonna do anything new until Sunday, why not just post it now? So, here I am!

Another piece of news: because some of you encouraged me to finish the novelette, I went for it. I finished the novelette. However, I won’t even start the novella lol I crossed it out from my goals list and revised my novel writing. My intention is to dig in my novel right now and go somewhere with it ;)

My revised goals:

  • Participate of the EditPalooza workshop offered by Savvy Authors from Jan/2 to Feb/4. (I’ve been warned this is super hard work and consumes many hours of the day. Let’s see if I can keep up!)
  • Write a novelette (10-15,000 words), revise it and sub it (due Feb 1st).
  • Write a novella (20-40,000 words), revise it and sub it (due April 1st).
  • Write a novel (or get as far as I can with it).
  • Read 2 book every 3 weeks.
  • Social network: blog at least once a week (not counting #ROW80 checkins), comment on blogs every other day, and tweet a little everyday.


Social Media: All done.

Reading: Read Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols.

Still reading Revision and Self-Editing by James Scott Bell. Honestly, lost the count of how many chapters we’ve read (we’re not reading it in order).

Gonna start Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally this weekend.

EditPalooza: Started slow this week. Then we had two assignments on Wed. It’s going well. My group is by far the most active on the forums ;)

Writing: Monday = 1306 words. Tuesday = 1,695 and I finished the novelette. Reread it, fixed the errors that jumped out at me,  and sent to beta-reader. Wednesday = re-writing an old novel. Got 2053 words and about other 500 that ended up deleted ;)


How are you guys doing? Kicking ROW’s butt? I hope so.

To check other members’ progress, you can go to the click here.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


I Challenge You

Usually, I participate on RTW from YA Highway on Wednesday, but I confess I wasn’t too inspired to do what they asked today.

So my friend Jani came up with an idea. A challenge actually.

Here it is, in Jani’s words: My challenge to you.  Blog about a song that reflects one of your main character’s characteristics.  I want to get to know your MC and what better way than to have some fun with it, right?  

For more details (and to see her entry), check Jani’s blog.

Wow, this ain’t gonna be easy =P

Let’s see.

First, I should choose one protag right? Or perhaps I can choose two or three and post their songs too? =P


Okay, then, I give you:


Nadine from DESTINY GIFT


Mirella from GYPSY HEART


Ellanue from ENERGY


I really think these song resemble who they are and their quest in my stories ;)

Now it’s your turn!

So go blog your song and link me in the comment section!


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