WIP update: July 18-22


Here I am, to fulfill what I promised: to update the status of my WIP every Friday.

Let’s see.

I’m working on two manuscripts right now.


DESTINY GIFT, a 80,000 words New Adult paranormal romance, is almost, almost done. Right now, it is with my editor being copy-edited.


G.H. #1, a New Adult Urban Fantasy, is being written.

It doesn’t have a name yet. So far, I’m calling it G.H. #1. Don’t ask me what G.H. means, I’m not gonna tell. Not yet.

Last Friday = 4.5k words

Monday = 2007 words

Tuesday = 3223 words

Wednesday = 3320 words

Thursday = 1019 words

Friday =2522 words

Note 01: Monday is always hard to start over since I don’t write on Saturdays and Sundays.

Note 02: on Thursday, I probably wrote much more than 1010 words, but I spent a lot of time fixing the pace and the plot’s course. I added paragraphs, took out some, re-ordered … Those 1019 words were from a new scene, making it easy to count (using word of course). The rest, spread out here and there, I didn’t count.

Note 03: on Friday (today), I had 2 appointments away from my laptop, which ended up reducing my writing time a lot.

Adding up everything, the G.H. #1 has 24,163 words so far. I’m expecting it to be around 70-75k words.

Hopefully, next week I’ll get even more words down. If I can keep this speed, the first draft should be ready in 2 or 3 more weeks.


Ugh, my head is so full of ideas (and the IDEA doc file in my laptop too) that I wish I wrote as fast as my thoughts swirl inside my mind. I would have a new manuscript every day!



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