WIP update: August 8-12


I’m ashamed of this past week.

Many things happened and I didn’t have much time for writing … somethings happen that we can’t control … I went house hunting (which takes a lot of time), then I had three gifts to buy, I had to take my daughter to the doctor (routine), etc …

But looking at the numbers below, I cringe in shame. I should have not slept and written some more!


Monday = 1245 words

Tuesday = 2005 words

Wednesday = 2283 words

Thursday = 357 words

Friday = 1172 words

Total (week) = 7062 words


And I started fresh on a new MS. Yeah, I hate to admit it, but I put GH#1 aside and started KF#1 … and I know what happened.

I’m a plotter. A pure plotter. I may not know all the details, but I do an outline of scene by scene or chapter by chapter from beginning to end.

However, I didn’t plan ahead for GH #1. I just went out with my idea and my protagonist and wrote what came to my mind. I had a general idea of where I wanted to go, of what I wanted to happen, but then some characters had strong voices and demanded more attention …  I had some great scenes I loved, but that slowed the pace of the MS … what I mean is, things were happening too slowly. When I plot ahead, I make sure all scenes have tension and conflict and move the story forward. With GH #1, with no planning, there were scenes without much purpose … they were sweet and all, but, like I said, they were slowing the action. So, I decided to go back and outline the plot for the story.

That’s when the idea for the KF#1 came back into my head (I first thought of it about a year ago). This one had a slow beginning too, so I had new ideas to make a better beginning, outlined the whole plot, and started writing. I just wished I had more time to write it this week.

But, oh well, it’s a beginning.

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