What to blog about?


I’m not a good blogger. I’m not. There, I said it. Ah, in the same line: I’m not a great tweeter too!


I read many, many blogs and think about parallel topics to write about, but they all voiced out my thoughts, why will I be redundant here?

More important, I’m a shy person. A few years back, I was very sociable and talkative. I’m not like that anymore. And I feel stupid talking and talking and talking about speculative topics—though I like to read them in other blogs.


What else could I say here then?

About my personal life? I’m not really a fan of talking about me … what do you want me to tell you? That I took my daughter and my niece to see Disney on Ice last weekend? That I took my daughter to the doctor yesterday because she has been coughing for the last two weeks? That my daughter didn’t want to go to her ballet class this morning? See, it’s boring. When I’m not writing or reading, my life revolves around my daughter—and my husband, but in a smaller scale.


So, since I’m not very experience in the writing department yet, I decided to go with the “reading” route.
Each month’s end, I’ll talk about the books I read that month …

A warning: May will be filled with books about writing … but the others won’t be so much.


Occasionally, depending on what happens, I’ll blog about writing and my writing …

Talking about my writing: I received the report back from the critic on my latest manuscript and I’m very excited about it! There are a few points to work, of course, but she told me it was very good and that she loved it! Yay!


Well, soon I’ll post about the books I’ve read recently, but previous to May … Then I’ll start a monthly report about it.




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