Watching TV


I don’t normally watch TV. I just don’t. I don’t like it.

News, I can find them on the internet …

Movies, I can rent or download or buy …

Same goes for TV Series … I can rent or download or buy them … and I do that when I like a series …


Now here are some series I’m watching weekly (or watched–since now most series are on vacations):

ALERT: may contain SPOILERS!


Vampire Diaries

So much better than the books … I can’t believe I just said (wrote) that …

But it’s true! And I think that’s because the writers are only using elements of the original story and creating a whole new one–much more complicated … i.e. the subplot of Caroline and Matt and Tyler love triangle, Elijah and Klaus and their brothers, Jeremy (who is not a character in the books) and Bonnie, etc …

Besides, is there an ugly or not super cute actor/actress in this series? Come on, love the hot guys!



Who doesn’t love a confident and beautiful chick that can kick-ass of some powerful and armed bad guys?

And the complication with Alex? And the untouched super serious Michael portrayed by super handsome Shane West?

I used to watch La Femme Nikita, and Alias, and Dark Angel … love the dangerous and armed theme!


Spartacus: Blood and Sand

I confess that the intensity of the sex scenes startled me at the beginning … and the fight scenes were equally strong. But I loved the series!

The plot and it’s complications were intriguing and I just wanted to know what would happen–of course, if you know a little of history, you know what will happen at the end, but I wanted to know how that would happen …

Super well planned! It’s a pity the actor portraying Spartacus, Andy Whitfield, won’t be able to come back to the next season due to his cancer. I hope that, even without him, the series keeps up the good work!


Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

This series was quick and very good. It was a prequel to the Blood and Sand one, with the same strong scenes and details. And again, I knew how it would end, but I so wanted to know how it would get to that end.


No Ordinary Family

Oh, this one was fun to watch. Light, funny, with bits of family issues, romance and action. Now, it was canceled and I’ll miss it.

Who would want to find out they have super powers? So cool!


Game of Thrones

I’ve been watching it, but I still not sure I love it. I like it, otherwise I wouldn’t be watching it. But, to me, it’s just so slow … and I think that’s is due to the many POV and subplots involved in this story.

I didn’t read the whole book yet, but, so far (as most books made into series or films), the books are better!



I’ve started watching this one because I loved Spartacus (which is also from Starz) and read somewhere they intended to make a super production out of this one as they did for Spartacus.

Though Camelot is another one I like, I’m not sure I love. Great cast, nice story, good promises … for now, I’ll keep watching.


Other series I used to watch: Smallville, Gilmore Girls, ER, Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Greek, and the ones I mentioned above: La Femme Niita, Alias, Dark Angel.

I’ve tried watching but gave up: Legend of the Seeker, Heroes, Roswell, True Blood, Wildfire.

And for cartoons: Ben 10 (yeah, is there a problem?), W.I.T.C.H and Avatar: The Last Airbender (and I’m anxiously waiting for the sequel Avatar: Legend of Korra).

Oh, and I respect people that like reality shows, but, beside MythBusters, I like none of them.


And you? What are/were your favorite TV Series?


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