Today is a Holiday …

… in the South most Brazilian state, Rio Grande do Sul (or RS).

For those trying to situate themselves, RS is where Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio and Carol Trentini are from.

Soccer player Ronaldinho, ex-Milan, is from RS.

Erico Verissimo, a famous writer/author, was also born from RS.


Map of Brazil, RS and flag of RS


Now, why is it a holiday you ask. Because today is Revolução Farroupilha, or War of the Ragamuffins in English.

The summary of the events is that the RS tried to gain independence from the rest of the country, but the Imperial Guards crushed the gauchos and we are still part of Brazil =P

There is a parade, with horses and torches and flags, during the day. It’s like we go back in time and honor our origins.


The parade


Gaúcho typical attire

Here in Brazil, each state has some kind of nickname for the person born there. People born in Rio de Janeiro is called Carioca, for example. In RS, we are called Gaúcho (male) an Gaúcha (female). Girls can also be called Prenda.

Prenda’s dress

Dancing. We have many typical dances.

Churrasco. That’s our Barbecue!

Chimarrão (it’s like tea. I drink this nearly every day)


Now, for fun, I posted two videos with dances from Rio Grande do Sul. I hope you enjoy:


This one is known as Chula. The guy can’t touch the wood stick or he “looses” the game.


Typical group dance.


More fun yet: there is this Gaucho comedian, called Guri de Uruguaiana. He makes fun of our own life style. He is hilarious.

Last year or so, he started a series imitating famous singers and dancers.

Here I posted the one for Michael Jackson’s Thriller, but he also has videos for Beatles, Village People, Just Bieber, etc.


Gauchos are really proud of who they are and where they came from.

I hope you liked this bit of info about my country and my origins.




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