The fun (aka craziness) starts!


It’s November 1st.

The day National Novel Writing Month starts.

Are you ready?


I am.

This is my first year doing NaNo. Here is my profile, if you want to be my writing buddy or check out what I am writing.


Why I am doing NaNo, you may ask.

Well, like my friend Jani Grey posted on her blog, I work much better under pressure and knowing I have to finish the month with 50k words or I’ll be a loser is a challenge, especially with so many writers I know participating in it.



I’m very excited.

My writing buddies feature is filling up nicely and I joined a “local” group of Brazilian writers, so I feel good about this, about writing with my friends and having fun and supporting each other. I’m in love with the writing community.

I know many people, and famous authors and uber agents, look down upon NaNoWriMo. Some authors says every month should be treated as November is and some agents says their query inbox fills up with crap during December. And I believe them. There are a lot of people out there who has no sense or no notion about how to write and what to write … they think it’s only putting words on paper and it’s done. But not every writer is like that. They shouldn’t judge all based on a few. More important, they shouldn’t express this kind of opinion publicly.

However, I think NaNoWriMo is a nice way of rushing through your first draft. First draft needs to be rushed. It’s when all your ideas and inspiration are at. If you don’t rush through it, you’ll loose interest and objectivity.

What is better than knowing Anna and the French Kiss and Water for Elephants were first drafted during NaNo? It gives us hope.

I know my first drafts aren’t crap. They may need some revision, but they are never crap. Yes, of course, that’s because I have learned a lot about craft during the years. I bet that if I took NaNo when I first started writing, my novel then would be crap … but it isn’t now.


NaNoToons … more can be found here. Too funny!


More important, I’m doing it for fun.

So … let the fun begin!




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