ROW80 checkin Sun 11/20


Another ROW80 Check-in? Already? Jeez, time is flying by …

Before I dig in my goals, let me tell you about my knee/foot/cyst situation. It’s past. For now, at least. Both doctors can’t find anything too wrong with my leg. The cyst is a small one, they say, and shouldn’t bother me. And, since I’m not feeling any pain anymore (because of the meds I’m taking), I should try and go back to my normal life. In a month I’ll stop with the meds I’m taking and we’ll see if my pain comes back or not. Well, I’m happy there is nothing wrong with me, but I’m kinda frustrated because the pain I felt was terrible, I really don’t want to feel that again, and no explanation to that? That’s hard to swallow … but, what can I do? Two doctors told me that. Let’s see how it goes next month when I’m done with the meds. If the pain comes back, I’ll look for another doctor …

Anyway, on with the show.


My goals:

  • Participate on NaNoWriMo
  • Revise my NaNo novel
  • Read 1 book per week
  • Blog at least once per week (besides the #ROW80 check-ins)
  • Comment on #ROW80 friends’ blogs



All done.



Finished Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler last Sunday.

Read The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction by Philip Athans and R.A. Salvatore.

And I’m currently reading The DUFF by Kody Keplinger.



A little slow because Monday the schools were closed and Tuesday was a holiday, which means family was at home and demanded my attention ;)

Only got back to writing on Wednesday and that was slow too. After 5 days without writing, it was hard to focus and get going.

Total word count for week (3 days): 10k … much less than I usually write, which makes me sad …

My NaNo novel is at 39,000 words. If all goes well, I should “win” NaNo next week (but my novel won’t be finished at 50k words, I think).


Curious about ROW80? Visit the blog. There you’ll find the current check-in post and the list of the amazing participants.

How are you guys? Everyone working hard?

Have a great week!


2 Responses to ROW80 checkin Sun 11/20

  • hehe. These check-ins come so fast. Don’t worry about typing “The End” at 50k. Most stories need to be much longer (or shorter) than that. Focus on winning NaNo and then you can focus on getting to “The End”. You can do it!

  • You’re doing great. I now understand the whole ‘family demanding time’ bit. I don’t have kids, but I’ve kept my sister’s for the past few days and night. I have a new found respect for writing moms. Wow. But I had to smile when one of my nieces handed me a stack of papers that is a book she has written. I’m supposed to look it over and type it up for her. It’s so cute. I’m so proud of her.

    Anyway, back to Row80: I hope you continue to feel better and better. Health issues can be a big drain on the muse. You’re doing great and those are still wonderful word counts. Keep up the good work :)
    Wendy recently posted: #Row80 11/12 & #NaNoWriMoMy Profile

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