ROW80 Check-in Sun 11/06


My first check-in since NaNoWriMo started. (Note: I’m writing this check-in on Friday afternoon, scheduling it go live on Sunday morning).

The problem was I had a cold during the first part of the week. My head hurt so much, I couldn’t stare at the screen. So, no writing for me then.

Oh, and about my leg. After I write this (Friday afternoon), I’m going to the hospital for a MRI of my knee … so next Friday I’ll see the knee specialist. I’m taking some medicine to increase the electrical current on my nerves, so it doesn’t hurt that much anymore. And that’s it for now. I’ll keep you all updated.

On with the topic of this post:


My goals (I cut the part already accomplished):

  1. Participate on NaNoWriMo
  2. Revise my NaNo novel (Energy)
  3. Read 1 book per week
  4. Blog at least once per week (besides the #ROW80 check-ins)
  5. Comment on #ROW80 friends’ blogs



I’m good on that.

And commenting and tweeting too ;)



I’ve read The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong and Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. Now, I’m reading Storm Born by Richelle Mead.

I try to read cross genre and even other genres. I think it enriches the writer in me ;)



At the beginning of the week, it was hard to get any word count done, since I was out with a cold.

But then I caught up.

Total first week of NaNo: a little over 16k words. Not bad, but not what I wanted …


And how is everyone?

Who is on NaNoWriMo and is not on my writing buddies list? You can find me here.

Have a good one, guys!



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