ROW80 Check-in #04 (Sun 10.16)

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Welcome to the fourth ROW80 check-in!

Note: this posted was scheduled on Friday to go live on Sunday, because I’ll be out of town during the weekend with internet only on my phone, and fumbling the blog on the phone is a pain in the @$$. If things change, if I end up writing during the weekend (which is unlikely) I’ll update the post later ;)


A reminder of my goals:

  • Write at least 2k words from Mon to Fri (Sat and Sun are reserved for family!)
  • Finish the MS I’m writing (for now, I call it Attitude)
  • Edit Attitude
  • Outline a novel for NaNoWriMo
  • Participate on NaNoWriMo
  • Read one book per week
  • Blog at least once per week (besides the #ROW80 check-ins)
  • Comment on #ROW80 friends’ blogs
  • Exercise (I’ll define what and the frequency after my doctor gives me his okay)



Went Friday to the my doctor (foot specialist) with the result of my MRI.
I have cysts behind my knees (big ones) that are probably compressing my nerves and that causes the agonizing pain.
I’ll have to do another exam, more specific for nerves, to confirm it.
If the cysts are causing the pain, it’s a simple solution. Take them out with surgery and it should work. So, now I’m trying to schedule the next exam and get through this ;)
I’ll keep you all updated about it!



Since Wednesday, I had one more post besides this one, so I surpassed my weekly goal.



I’m reading Touch by Jus Accardo.
I know, I know. Most people suggested JR Ward or Kelley Armstrong. I did start JR Ward, but idk, I saw how short Touch was and went to it.
Before Wednesday check-in I should have switched to JR Ward or Armstrong already.



Wednesday: 1524 words (didn’t reach my 2k goal, but I have a good excuse: it was a holiday, family was home. They demanded some attention lol)
Thursday: 4453 words and I finished ATTITUDE! Yay!
Friday: since I finished Attitude and would spend the whole afternoon at my doctor’s, I decided to take Friday morning off. So no writing today. Which makes me sorta lost, but I think it’s okay (sometimes … ok, rarely!)
Weekend: no writing. With family ;)
But I printed ATTITUDE to start working on it next week. And I’ll also start outlining my next WIP.


How are my fellow ROWers doing?


Have great week everyone!



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  1. Juliana

    Hey guys, I’m back and have internet on my laptop now ;)
    Thanks all for stopping by and sharing the love! You’re an awesome bunch!!

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