ROW80 Check-in #03


Third ROW80 update already? Jeez, where is time going?

Anyway, today is a holiday in Brazil. Holy Mary’s Day and also Children’s Day.

A reminder of my goals:

  • Write at least 2k words from Mon to Fri (Sat and Sun are reserved for family!)
  • Finish the MS I’m writing (for now, I call it Attitude)
  • Edit Attitude
  • Outline a novel for NaNoWriMo
  • Participate on NaNoWriMo
  • Read one book per week
  • Blog at least once per week (besides the #ROW80 check-ins)
  • Comment on #ROW80 friends’ blogs
  • Exercise (I’ll define what and the frequency after my doctor gives me his okay)

As you guys may know, I have plans of participating on NaNo, but it’s not set on stone yet. I’ll see how things go, which means I’ll probably decide one day prior to the start date ;) However, I’m already signed up. If you want to be a writing buddy, my username is Juliana_Haygert over there. Go find me!

Now, for check-in …


Still nothing.
I’ve got my leg MRI done on Monday, now I’m waiting on results. Friday, I’ll pick up the results and go to my doctor. Let’s see …



I finally finished Matched! Yay! When I was about 75% into it, that I thought things picked up and became interesting. I just wanted to get it done so I could choose another …
And I’m facing a dilemma about my the book: Dark Lover by JR Ward, The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong, The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima or Touch by Jus Accardo. What do you guys think? Which one do you suggest I read first?



This is the third post of the week and probably will be the last until the next check-in on Sunday. I’ve commented on many blogs during the week.
And I’m Twitter all the time =)



Monday: Only 2353 words. I know, I surpassed my goal, but, if I didn’t have my MRI during the afternoon, I would have aimed for 4k …
Tuesday: By 5pm, I had done 5 #1k1hr LOL and, the word count for the day ended at 6211 =)
Wednesday: Since it’s holiday, family is home. But I managed to write 721 words in the morning and I hope to get some more at night.
If I keep this up, I may finish Attitude by Friday. Woot!


I’m feeling pretty good about how things are going. I do hope to continue steady at this. I’m afraid to slow down once Attitude is done. I don’t want to stop writing, but I don’t know if I should to jump in on a new WIP right after finishing this one. Especially since I still have to revise it. I’m open to suggestions: after I finish Attitude, should I focus on editing it only OR should edit Attitude AND start a new WIP?


You can check my fellow ROWers progress here.

Hope all is well with you guys too!


30 Responses to ROW80 Check-in #03

  • Wow – you are an inspiration – you are kicking butt and taking names. I love it! Really quite incredible.
    Unfortunately, as a newbie, I have little advice to offer but I am shaking my pink pom poms like crazy as your personal cheerleader!
    I really, really, really appreciate your comments on my blog/ROW80 posts. Seriously – you are hugely helpful and an inspiration so thank you!
    Keep us posted on the leg – hopefully you get the news you want!
    Natalie recently posted: ROW80 – Round 4 – Check-in #3My Profile

    • Aw-shucks lol
      I’m just a gal, trying to do the best she can ;)
      Thanks for the support.
      I’ll shout out on twitter Fri night when I know the MRI result ;)

  • I suggest JR Ward. I’ve read the entire series and loved it.
    If you finish Attitude by Friday, I think you should decide on a Nano novel and start plotting it. While you do that, you could start editing. That’s keep you busy until November starts. I’m between projects at the moment so I’m just relaxing, reading a lot and plotting my Nano novel. But that’s just me.

    Btw, congrats on the awesome word counts. Those 1k1h really help.
    Jani recently posted: Meet Mike – How I Flesh Out My CharactersMy Profile

  • You are doing great, girl! Wow, I’m totally impressed (and soooo happy for you). I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with your leg though. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious.

    As for the books – I enjoyed Summoning (#2 and #3 of the series: The Awakening and The Reckoning are pretty good as well) by Kelley Armstrong. I also like her first book in the Women of The Otherworld series. It’s a great adult paranormal story. I wasn’t impressed withe #2 in the series though.

    Angela Orlowski-Peart recently posted: How Creative Can You Get?My Profile

  • Brilliant progress!

    Personally I’d go for kelley Armstrong (I’ve read all the Otherworld series except Spellbound) and love them! Haven’t switched to the Summoning series yet (too many books in my ‘to read’ pile already!)

    I’m new to all this but I think Jani’s suggestion sounds like a good balance for when you finish Attitude :)

    A finger’s crossed for good news from the MRI! :) xx
    Sharon Howard recently posted: ROW80 Check-in Number 3My Profile

  • I’m reading your check-in and all I can think about how I really need to start working towards my goals, granted I only joined in yesterday, but still… I can’t really recommend from any of the titles you listed, but I can say that the two books I read by K. Armstrong were very entertaining :)
    Patji recently posted: ROW80: Round 4 GoalsMy Profile

  • You’re doing amazing! I’m happy you’re working so hard toward your goals, and good luck on the MRI. Hoping you get good news so you can get back to exercising.

    I can’t give you any advice on the books, sorry. Haven’t read those.

    Great job!
    Stacy Green recently posted: Row80 Check-In 10-12-11 Making ProgressMy Profile

  • Hey! When are you gonna read my book? ;)

    I love seeing people who write down their goals and remind themselves of what they are from time to time. Unlike me who claims to have everything stored in her head and routinely forgets it all. =P

    Hope you guys had a great holiday!

  • Howdy. Dropping in from ROW80. Great goals and sounds like you are doing good. Reading wise – I’d go with J.R. Ward. Currently have her book Envy #3 in Fallen Angel series going to be reading soon. Although I do enjoy Kelley Armstrong’s books as well. Not much help am I. Have a great week.

  • I would suggest starting the basics for your next WIP before leaping into editing ATTITUDE. Whole different mindset, possibly good for the process… at least worth trying, I would think.

    Grateful to follow your progress as a part of ROW80
    Julie Jordan Scott recently posted: #ROW80 MidWeek Check in: Just Keep Rowing, Just Keep Rowing, Just Keep Rowing…My Profile

    • Yeah, I’m thinking about fixing something in the beginning of Attitude (just b/c I remember it and I changed it later on) then I’ll probably work on outlining my next wip ;)

  • Wow!!! You’re kicking butt. Great job, and keep it going. ~clink~
    Kerry Meacham recently posted: ROW80 Wednesday Check-In (10-12-11)My Profile

  • Sounds like you have your goals well in hand. I’ve noticed a lot more fitness goals this rounds, which is groovy since it helps to get balance in our lives.

    Good luck this week!
    Cate Morgan recently posted: Brighid’s Cross Launch Party: Seven Degrees of AwesomeMy Profile

  • Awesome progress so far! (And I know what you mean about MATCHED).
    All those other books were fun reads, but I’d go with Ward, followed by Armstrong…both are SUPER FAST reads! (read each of them in 3 hours).
    If you do end up participating in NaNo, I’ll find you! I’m still on the fence, but I have my user profile from last year, so I’ll definitely be a NaNo cheerleader!
    Happy writing, and I hope your doctor clears you for exercise!
    Liza Kane recently posted: A Writer’s Guide To A Healthy and Happy MarriageMy Profile

  • I’m sorry to hear about your leg. I hope it is nothing serious and that you will get better soon.
    I liked summoning. I haven’t read Touch but Jus is all sorts of awesome. I’m hoping to read it soon.
    Ciara Knight recently posted: Did I Notice Your Book?My Profile

  • Oh wow, great job on the word count for the week! I wish I could get that many words in such a short period of time!

    I hope your leg is okay. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  • Amazing word count! And remind me later of the NaNo name, it isn’t letting me add anyone right now. I’m WJSmith. I need to check in again and see if it’s changed any. I still plan to do NaNo, but I’m not sure I will finish. I will at least try. And for the finish Attitude and then what, I would go ahead and start another while editing. I do better with more than one going at a time. It might sound crazy, but I think it helps me be more creative and adventurous in the story lines.
    Wendy recently posted: #Row80 Check-In 10/12My Profile

  • I’ll find you on NaNo ;)
    LOL yeah, I’m a multitasker too. I should give a try to working on two projects at a time ;)

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