ROW80 Check-in #02


Here we are, the second check of Round 4.

If you want to know about my goals, you can click here.



Still waiting for doctor’s permission. If you missed what I’m talking about, you can click here and read the whole story.



I had a post out on Thursday, plus this one. So that added to 5 posts this week.

I’ve commented on other blogs to the point of losing count … and I kept commenting lol

And twitter … I’m on twitter all the time ;)

Speaking of twitter: I’m trying to follow all ROW80 members on twitter—yay for writers’ support! So, if I didn’t follow you yet, let me know.



I’m still reading Matched by Ally Condie. It’s not capturing my attention. I hate when that happens. Normally, I devour a book within hours. Not this one =(



Thursday: Four #1k1hr, plus some writing at night, to a total of 5031 words.

Friday: Wrote 3075 words, worked on a query and polished a first chapter for submission (ah!)

Saturday and Sunday are family time over here, but something unexpected happened: my husband had to work this weekend. That left us a problem: I’m in no condition to take care of my daughter alone (because of my leg), so my mother-in-law spent the weekend with us and took care of my daughter. I tried to stay clsoe to them, but they didn’t stop! When they went to the neighborhood’s playground, I was left alone with time in my hands. I read, I wrote 2 blog posts, I researched and I wrote. So:

Saturday: Wrote a blog post, researched, did one #1k1hr and wrote 1700 words.

Sunday: Did two #1k1hr in the morning and got 1593 words down. I plan to write more at night, so my word count will be higher when the day is done. UPDATE: I did one #1k1hr at night and got 1456 down. Total for the day: 3049 words! Woot!


I think things are going well over here—but it’s only the first week … I hope I can keep this up till the end =)

How about you? Are  you having fun yet?




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