Past week movies


I finally watched Tron Legacy and I Am Number Four this past week.



I confess I was skeptical about Tron Legacy because of the first movie, from 1983. But perhaps that was the reason of my skepticism–because I watched the movie almost 27 years after its release and the technology of that time was much, much inferior.

Tron Legacy was a great movie. And I LOVED the score. Seriously. I even bought it.

Sometimes I think music is the soul of a movie. The score makes you feel … each scene needs a different music that builds up the tension and prepares the spectator. And the score of Tron Legacy was perfect. My opinion.

I also liked I Am Number Four. I thought about reading the book. I still might, but the thing that offsets me about the book is that the hero, Number Four or John Smith, is only 15 years old. Do you think I want to fall in love with a protagonist who is 15 years old? I already thought the movie, bearing a 17 year old was too young for me.

Side note: Oh, come on! Every girl falls in love with the hot guys in the books they read (or write!).

Though, if I think about it, I didn’t necessarily fell in love with Harry Potter or Percy Jackson (who was also older on the movie version), I just rooted for them. But the again, the actors weren’t as hot as Alex Pettyfer and I read the books before watching the movies …

Anyhow,  talking about Alex Pettyfer–I am dying to watch Beastly. I’m guessing it won’t be a super production, but I always enjoy a nice love story … specially ones with hot guys =P Which is why I can wait to watch Thor too! Can you believe I missed it at the theaters? Now I have to wait for the BluRay release =(

Now my never-ending list of unwatched movies has two titles crossed out … though I’m sure two more will be added soon =D



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