OMG! I bought print books!


For 7 months, I’ve been using Kindle, and for 7 months I’ve been reading only e-books.

I always said I love entering bookstores and smelling books and feeling the pages and covers in my hands. One of my dreams is to have a huge library in my home, with thousands of books … but I confess I haven’t thought about that much since I started reading books on Kindle.

However …

I entered a bookstore today. I’m in Brazil yet and I just like to see the titles that are available here … you see, only a few come down this way and it’s interesting to see which ones. Anyway, I ended up in the little shelf where the books are originals: in English. Hum, I was tempted.

I bought paperbacks of Graceling by Kristin Cashore, and Evernight by Claudia Gray.



I want to see how I feel reading a print copy again. I think I’ll love it. I think I’ll realize I miss print copies.

So, what does that mean?

I don’t want to abandon my Kindle–it’s practical, it carries many titles at once, and when I’m travelling it’s the best. But will I buy print copies too? Will I have some titles as e-books and others as print copies? How do I decide which one to buy?

In the same topic, that shows me the brick and mortar bookstores won’t disappear in a few years as some say. I think the need to feel and smell a physical book won’t go away. Yes, we may buy more e-versions of our preferred books, but, if my excitement over the print books I’m holding in my hands at this moment won’t fade till I’m done with them, I guess that print books won’t die that easily.

Now, let me get’s to the reading part!



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