Model Monday: Fairy Tales

When I started this topic, I didn’t think I would find so much information about it.

Frankly, I don’t know where it started, but Fairy Tale retelling is very popular right now, in books, movies and TV series. But I confess I like it. I love Fairy Tales. I grew up watching movies of the Disney Princesses.

I also like they are changing the weak princess image with Tangled and the upcoming Brave movie.

As for retelling, I like a bit of dark side.

Have you seen this picture, where the princesses dress as the villains on their stories?

And I like them like this too:

Bad and kick-ass warrior princesses (please, don’t think of Xena right now).

Oh, did you guys see the Annie Leibovitz’sDisney Dream Portraits? They are also super awesome, an inspiration. I look at them and feel how magical they are.


TV series are picking up on Fairy Tales. We have Once Upon a Time and Grimm. And I didn’t watch any episode of them yet. Are they good?


Of course, movies are not left behind:

Funny and original

I really liked this one

A mix of many fairy tales

A Cinderella Story

This one is also about Cinderella

Even Barbie caught up with the trend (the Twelve Dancing Princesses)

And this one is based on Alex Flinn’s book

Speaking of Alex Flinn, she is becoming quite famous right now because of her fairy tales retelling.

She also wrote:

A mix of fairy tales

About Sleeping Beauty


More books about Fairy Tale retelling:

About the Twelve Dancing Princesses

A twist on The Red Hiding Hood

Puss-in-Boots retelling


Do you like Fairy Tales? Original or retelling? With dark or humorous twists?

Hope you’re inspired!


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