Model Monday #4: World of Warcraft

I love epic/high fantasy.

I even have some ideas and outlines to write one (or two, or three), but, because of the complexity, I always end up delaying it …

Today’s post will be short on purpose. I could rave about World of Warcraft, which is IMO the best game ever, well, forever though I’m certain nobody will read me rambling about it forever =)



I was addicted to WoW, very bad.

Unfortunately, now I don’t play it anymore … if I start it again, I won’t be able to stop, so I keep it away from my computer lol

It is that good!


Here I give you the cinematic trailers for the game and the 3 expansion sets.

Note: just because I don’t play it anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t know what is happening in that world ;)


World of Warcraft Cinematic:


Burning Crusades Cinematic:


Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic:


Cataclism Cinematic:



The graphics are perfect, the soundtrack is topnotch, and the plot is compelling and engaging.

Now tell me, by watching those, don’t you want to dive in? To be a part of it? To play it? To write about something like that?

I do!




4 Responses to Model Monday #4: World of Warcraft

  • I love epic fantasy and I’ve never played this. I’ve tried to get set up a few times but it is intimidating to me. Ever since I signed on to Counter Strike and was cursed out cause some guy stuck a bomb on me and I kept running every time someone shouted bomb didn’t make me love the online gaming world. Okay, so I figured out I had the bomb and needed to place it somewhere. Of course, I had NO idea how to place it. LOL One of these days I have to try WoW. :)

  • I was just recently ‘re-introduced’ to the game. I played about 7yrs ago. Left it. Came back, and it seems slightly more complicated than it used to. the other strange thing is that I can walk away now. I play a few hours, then get back to life. So not the ‘addiction’ it used to be. So I’m here to tell you, screw the 7 steps or whatever it is… don’t let fear guide you. You can do this… Embrace your inner troll.

    • LOL I was a BE holy/shadow priest (dual spec FTW!) … but I know what you mean. Though, if I go back to the game, I’ll write a lot less and I want to write ;)
      Thanks for stopping by!

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