Model Monday #08: Halloween

Happy Halloween!


Why is it that scary things, dark things, intrigues us, enthralls us?

My opinion is problem the same of why all fantasy intrigues us: because it isn’t real and we are attracted to the unknown … we want to know more, and sometimes we even wish it was true. Not ghost-true, but magic-true ;)

I confess … I’m super chicken for horror movies. I am. And for books too. I read only a handful of horror books in all my life. And as far as movies goes, I watched The Shining, The Exorcist, The Prophecy series and that’s it lol It all happened a long time ago, when I had no sense and thought I wouldn’t be scared lol Now, I simply don’t watch it. Period.

But I also confess I would love to write a dark story. Not horror exactly, just dark, mysterious, with terrifying ghosts and malicious witches …


*images taken down for security serious* 


Does Halloween inspire you?




2 Responses to Model Monday #08: Halloween

  • I’m with you—I have a hard time watching horror stuff, or reading it, but somewhere in the back of my mind I have the urge to write one anyway! Something about spooky stuff is impossible to turn away from.

    Love all the images you collected here! Happy Halloween!

  • I agree with you. I a huge chicken when it comes to horror movies (the slasher type anyway). I will watch a few, but not very often. However, I am drawn to the dark, mysterious fantasy type films.

    I love all the pictures you posted, by the way:)
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