Model Monday #06: Dance (NSFW)

I just finished writing my novella, with a ballet background. I was a ballerina myself and I used to dance not only ballet, but any dance.

So I thought, well, dance  inspired me, didn’t it? On to write a post about it!

Once more, I have a long post, but it’s long because of the many pictures and videos. Have fun with them ;)


So, don’t you think a guy who can dance is super hot?


Think again:


Cory Stearns (ballet dancer with ABT)

Joaquin Cortes (flamenco dancer)

Roberto Bolle (ballet dancer with ABT)

More Roberto Bolle (yum!)

Angel Corella, Jose Manuel Carreno, Vladimir Malakhov and Ethan Stiefel (ABT dancers)


Now you are convinced, right?

A man dancing is utterly hot and sexy.

Shocker: not all are gay. In fact, most are not! Even hotter, right? lol

Take Michael Jackson, for instance. In my humble opinion, the guy was not pretty or hot on a daily basis… but put him on a stage and play a nice beat … damn, the guy became a dancing magnet!

Another example: Chris Brown had his reputation pratically ruined after hitting on Rihanna, and honestly, I’m not a fan of him, but oh, I’m a huge fan of his dancing.

Girls are also sexy when dancing.

Did you ever see any Pussycat Dolls music video? They know they sell because of their body and looks and the dance routine on their music videos was all about that, but it worked. It was hot and beautiful.

Ciara is another example. The chick can dance! Any of her music videos are amazing mostly because of the dance routine.


Any style will do.


Street dance.



Ballet is so pretty ...

Tango is so sexy ...


Speaking of dance, we can’t escape music, since both are deeply connected.

Don’t you like musical or movies with dance themes? I love them. (a tiny list:)

*Step Up (1, 2 and 3)

*Black Swan

*Dance With Me


*Moulin Rouge

*Mamma Mia

*Dirty Dancing





How about the new Footloose? Did you watch? Planning on doing so?

I won’t go to the movie theater, but I’ll certainly watch it at home.


And, to finish this with a big gold key, I give you a very hot music video. The best part is about 3/4 into the video, so, if you want to skip the rest, go ahead. (the quality is pretty bad, but it was the only complete video of this routine that I found).


And you? What do you think about dancing? And man who can dance?
I thought so!


2 Responses to Model Monday #06: Dance (NSFW)

  • I was a dancer at Walt Disney World for awhile, just parades and shows. It was great. I’m afraid at the moment I can’t dance due to an injure. One of these days I’m going to find the money to fly to Germany to get the surgery I need. They don’t do it in the US. Ugh. :) Keep dancing, it is an amazing gift.
    Ciara Knight recently posted: Knight of the Round Table ReviewMy Profile

    • Seriously, you danced at Disney? Wow!
      Thanks for the support. I hope that after my doctor and I solve my leg problem, I can go back to dancing ;)

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