Model Monday #05: Prince of Persia

I was going to do a post on Soundtracks and was playing Prince of Persia’s soundtrack on the background … of course, that would be one of the soundtracks mentioned on the post … then, since there are so many more things I like about Prince of Persia, why not to give it its own post?

So here it is.

Um, let me tell you. This is going to be one very long post, not because of the text, but because of the pictures and videos. Believe me, I’ve trimmed it down. My will was to include dozens of pictures and dozens of videos.

It is that good!

To learn about Prince of Persia (if you don’t know and I can’t believe you don’t know!), you can visit their website or Wikipedia.


The Forgotten Sands is the name of the latest game


Where to begin?

Perhaps from the beginning? Duh!

Prince of Persia started as a game, a 2d game for MS-DOS, and I was about 10 years old when it went out. I played it at that time. And it was AWESOME!


This is how it was.


The  Prince of Persia brand grew and became a franchise. A big one.

PoP first developer is called Brøderbund (now extinct). Today, the franchise belongs to Ubisoft (the same game developer of Assassins Creed, another game I enjoy).

The franchise grew and Ubisoft began releasing a new version of PoP every couple of years–each time improved, of course, following the available technology.

The latest game, released in 2010, is called The Forgotten Sands.

This is how it looks right now:

Better, uh?


What I like about Prince of Persia ins’t only the fact that it’s an awesome game. I like it all.

The story behind the game, the magic, the characters, the setting.

The Prince’s character (note that in the games he doesn’t have a name. he is called Prince. Period). He is serious, focused, charming, good-looking, hot, a silent bad guy. A tortured hero. And he is a master when it comes to fighting. He is “the man.”


Pictures from several game versions


I know, you’re gonna tell me I’m obsessing over a drawing. But, come on, he is a hot drawing!

And, if I want to give him a face, I can think of Jake Gyllenhaal (scroll down if you’re impatient and want to see him).


Here are some videos about the latest game:



Then, they made the movie.

Ah, the movie.



I went to watch it at the theater. I’m a movie lover and usually I like the movies I go see. But this one, I don’t what happened, my hubby and I left the theater and I asked to go back, to buy another ticket and go see it again. Seriously.

Of course, my hubby thought I was kidding and we went home.

Do you know what I did home? I wrote the whole outline for an epic fantasy novel that reminded me of the setting and the emotion of Prince of Persia. That night, I even drew the map for this new world.

I downloaded the movie soundtrack and began writing. I wrote 120,000 words in 2 weeks. That’s how inspired and excited I was.

However, I didn’t finish that story. Yeah, 120k words and not finished. That’s why I stopped. I would end up with a book of 200k and then would have to cut half.

So I chose to give it some time, let it simmer in, then go back to it and re-write the whole thing.

I’m still waiting to go back to it lol To give that MS some time, I started another. When I finished that one, I already had an idea for another. So I wrote it. And that’s how it went. And that’s how it has been.

I’m waiting for the day I have more time to go back to my epic fantasy, cause you know, epic requires major brainstorming time. But I love it. I love my idea. My trusted beta-reader said it was my most original and exciting story so far lol

Just FYI, my epic fantasy is not like LOTR or Game of Thrones, with many plots and subplots and characters. I like to think of it more like Graceling and Fire—less characters, fewer plots, a main romance, but similarly exciting.

Anyway, back to the movie.

I love it. I truly do.

It has action, a noble cause, a hot prince, a fearless princess (or high priestess), bad and powerful guys, romance. It’s perfect. Everything in the right dose. Perhaps only the romance could have been upped a little, but I’ll take it the way it is ;)

And now videos to keep us entertained!



Finally, the topic that inspired this post: SOUNDTRACK.

I love writing while listening to soundtracks, and Prince of Persia is a great one.

It’s exotic and magical. Just like the game. Just like the movie.


So, to finish this post, here are some songs from the movie’s soundtrack:



Did you watch the movie? Did you like it?

Hope you enjoyed my *obsession* of Prince of Persia =)



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