Manuscript (almost) done … now what?


So, I’ve finished one more manuscript.

This is my fourth (or fifth?) manuscript since I decided to try this seriously (before I only wrote as a hobby), but by far I think it’s the best. Not because of the plot or characters, but because of my writing and its improvement.

It’s exactly like they say: the more you write, the better you get at it. It’s also true that the more you read, the better you write.

I’m hoping my next manuscript gets even better!

However, what now?

I’m musing over so many options. To revise it myself (which I’ll do regardless). To send it out for a professional critique. To send it out for a professional line-editing. To send it out for both.

More important, what to do with it after it is revised and edited? I sure want to publish it, but which route to take? I have 3 options that I can clearly see: to send out to agents, to send to small e-pubs that accept unsolicited manuscripts or to self-publish.

Now, to the advantages and disadvantages of each of them:

Get an agent: it still sounds respectful, especially if he/she can sell the manuscript to one of the big six. This path comes with professional marketing, professional covers, professional editing, professional publicists … for the most part, what I have to do here is to write. And just write. However, the royalty is low and I have no control over when it’s going to be released or about the cover.

Small e-pubs: well, they do offer higher royalties than traditional publishing. Though, your books will be only available online, so, it’ll never be available to those readers who are resisting the e-readers and want to buy the print copy. Here, there is still a team of editors, cover artists and publicists. Normally, the release date is 2 to 5 months after the signed contract.

Self-publishing:  I’m in control here, which means I’m also in control of marketing, cover and what else. I’ll have to send out for private editors, do my own cover or pay a professional to do it, I’ll earn the highest royalty around, but I’ll be able to choose when it’s released and, if I choose to release it tomorrow, so be it! The down side of this: to me, is marketing. I’m not a very talkative or extrovert person (not anymore) so, to go after people I don’t know and try to convince them of buying my book isn’t going to be fun.

Honestly, right now, I’m looking for the middle ground. I’m thinking about trying the higher-but-not-highest royalty in exchange for a little marketing and guidance.

I just hope it works and that my manuscript is accepted!

I’ll keep you all posted!




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