I kicked NaNoWriMo @$$

I’ve finished NaNoWriMo yesterday!

Yup, I did it!


My manuscript (I’m calling it G.H. for now) isn’t finished yet, but it’s near the end. About more 10k-15k should do it.

Oh, I would like to tell you two  things:

  1. I didn’t wrote on 11 of these 24 days. Oh, yeah. Sick kid, sick me, holidays and weekends. Busy month, I’ll say. So, doing the math, I got 50k words down in 13 days.
  2. Well, 13 days if you count the novel I started writing but abandoned the second week of NaNo. That’s right. I changed manuscripts on the second week. The first ms had about 15k words on it when I switched to a new ms and went from 0 to 50k words ;)

Before you go “ohmigosh how can you write so much” just remember I don’t have a day job and my daughter goes to school at least for the afternoon, giving me  lot of free time, of writing time.

Writing is my day job. If I don’t get a lot of words down on a regular writing day, it means I’m procrastinating and doing a really, really bad job. Which happens sometimes. I try to treat writing as my serious job, which means to write even when I’m not in the mood and through blocks and through colds. I just push it through. However, it does happen when I have a migraine (which is often) and when I procrastinate to start my writing section for the day … I end up going around the house, fixing things, cooking, etc … there is always something to do around the house … I’m getting better at this, though there are days when I slip a little.

Anyway, I’m happy I “won” NaNo!

And how are you guys? Done? Almost there?

Good luck!


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