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The awesome Jani Grey passed the One Lovely Blog Award on to me last Sunday.

I’m in love with Jani. One of the reasons: she doesn’t like shopping. Just like me! How cool is that? I think I have never met another woman who doesn’t like shopping other than me until I met her lol

Thanks for the award, Jani!


Apparently, the rules to accepting this award are the same for the Versatile Blogger Award which I received a couple of weeks ago. To view that post, click here.


A reminder of the rules:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass this Award along to other bloggers.


Number 1 is done above. Number 2 is listed on the Versatile Blog Award (link above).

And number 3—passing on the award:

  1. Tracy Rohlfing – Scarlets Sanctum
  2. Stefanie Gaither – A Sort of Mental Squint
  3. Melissa Hurst – Chasing the Dream 
  4. Ladonna Watkins – the writer in me 
  5. Heather L. Reid – I’d Rather be Writing
  6. Jenn – A Single Bell
  7. Avery Olive
  8. Allison Merritt – Have Novel, Will Edit
  9. Ciara Knight 


Go check these lovely ladies and say hello! You won’t regret!

I also could mention here my fellow #ROW80 writers, but then my list would be too long and have 110+ amazing peeps. So, instead of listing everyone here, you can view them all by clicking here.



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