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  So, I’ve finished two online writing courses and I’m about to finish a third one. The classes I took from Writer’s Digest University are: Accelerated Fundamentals to Fiction Writing, Essential Elements of Writing I: Grammar and Mechanics, and Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion and ViewPoint. Now, the question is: keep studying or pause it to have more time to write? I was thinking about keep on the EEW and WGF track and take others like those (for example, EEW II: Form and Composition, WGF: Dialogue and/or WGF: Description and Setting). Though, I must confess that I didn’t like one thing about the Writer’s Digest University classes: I wanted more feedback. I wanted to be able to discuss more about… Read more »


Websites and blogs

  Here are some blogs and websites I visit often (about writing and publishing, of course) … Authors: Richelle Mead (and blog) Cassandra Clare (and blog) Amanda Hocking About traditional and/or indie publishing or writing helper: A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing Literary Rambles Indie Paranormal Books Reviews The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing Savvy Authors Cover art: Phatpuppy Creations Pickyme Digital Artist Editing and reviews: Misa Ramirez Caro Carson Deborah Brodie Gloria Kempton Becky Levine Heather Howland Edits [that] Rock Elizabeth Delisi Not to mention all book bloggers out there who help to publicize and sell books (I’ll post some soon) …